This short film, which was an initiative of the Committee of Cyprus Occupied Municipalities, portrays the destruction of the cultural heritage of Cyprus by Turkey that has been taking place in the northern part of Cyprus since the Turkish military invasion in 1974. Turkey and the illegal Turkish Cypriot regime bear the sole responsibility for the present condition of hundreds of archaeological and religious monuments in the occupied areas: hundreds of religious monuments have been desecrated, looted or demolished; a significant number of churches have been converted into mosques, stables, dance studios, storehouses and one of them has become a morgue. Moreover, several archaeological places that were famous and recognized throughout the world were destroyed or illegally excavated while a great number of antiquities were smuggled and remain unfound until today. 

Script by: Anna Marangou
Directed by: Michael Georgiades
Produced by Mediabox Limited for the Committee of Cyprus Occupied Municipalities, Nicosia, 2011

Year of production: 2011. Running Time: 15:20 min

Color / Sound

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