Marios Pidias was born in Nicosia in 1966. He graduated from Acropolis Lyceum and continued his studies in Business Administration and Marketing.


He acquired the Higher Diploma in Business Administration at the Frederick University in Nicosia. He also holds a Bachelor of Administration and Marketing by the Western International University in London.

He has been working in the advertising industry for more than a decade in the customer service/ strategic planning departments. He is also a copywriter.

Marios has also been  involved in the marketing aspect of the advertising industry where he puts into action his talent in communicating efficiently with the clients. He has been working for multinational and local clients – companies with great ease.

Marios is a multitalented individual where his work experience and skills in various positions are showcased every time for any type of project.

He is excellent in understanding what the client needs and he is able to deliver promptly and efficiently in every level. Marios gets the job done right. The first time.

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